20 Aug 09

Facebook Discriminates Against Pornstars

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It turns out that Facebook is not a fan of pornstars. In the past month alone popular pornstars such as Niki Benz, Vanilla Deville, Sunny Leone, Misti Dawn and many more have had their personal and fan pages deleted. Nikki Benz recently twittered about her Facebook page deletion “NikkiBenz so you know my “nikki benz” facebook was deleted, so I no longer have that page. for those of you asking me this ;)”

Not sure what the beef is Facebook has with pornstars, but it seems like they are deliberately targeting fan pages run by pornstars. Who knows, maybe the person deleting the pages at Facebook was not allowed to be a friend or fan! I’m sure Facebook will claim the photos were too racy, but come on, I’ve seen nude photos on personal Facebook pages that have been there for years. Regardless of the violation it’s really annoying that Facebook would delete any user pages, for anyone, without notifying them first. It’s one thing if the page is a complete spam job, but the pages that were deleted are not. There’s a lot of work that goes into creating a Facebook fan page so an email asking the user to fix whatever violation there might be would seem most appropriate. So much for Facebook’s open door policy. They should just post a big note on their welcome page that says “No Pornstars Allowed”. I know they won’t, but it would be interesting to hear Facebook comment on this. If you have any facebook deletion horror stories do tell.