How can I add additional sites under a particular category?

All you have to do is click the “add” button and another line will appear.


How can I have a site added that I’m a member of?

If the site isn’t already listed then send an email using the “Contact Us” form with the site you’re a member of along with the link to your profile on the site.

How can I have my profile featured on the homepage?

Please send a message using the “Contact Us” form to inquiry about weekly rates.

How do I add site(s) to my profile?

To add a site to your profile you need to select the site from the drop down menu under the correct category. After you have selected the site you will see under a formated link under the text box. In the text box all you need to do is complete the link with your specific URL.


How do I create a wishlist from the store? (MODELS only)

  1. Register: Click here and choose a User Name, Password and Email Address.
  2. Once you have finished registering you can Upload a Photo, add a Welcome Message, and add Products to your Wishlist. You will also want to make sure you fill out your contact info for shipping purposes and any future verification that may be needed (ie. lost password).
  3. The link to your wishlist will be: http://toys.mypornprofile.com/wishlist.php?a=mypornprofile&wlid=performer_username (where performer_username is your unique User Name)
  4. Once registered, you can log in to your wishlists at any time to update it here: http://toys.mypornprofile.com/wl_login.php?a=mypornprofile

How do I delete my profile?

If you wish to have your profile deleted simply contact us. For security purposes we delete profiles only by written request.

How do I edit my profile after I have logged in?

You can click “Edit Profile” in the top-right corner of the screen at any time while you are logged in.


How do I setup my account for Twitter Photo Sharing?

  1. Login to your admin panel
  2. Scroll down to the “Connect with Twitter” section and click the Sign in with Twitter button
  3. You will be asked by Twitter to login with your Twitter username and password. MPP does not receive your password.
  4. Click “Allow” to give the MPP app permission to post tweets.
  5. See the “How do I tweet photos” FAQ for info on sending pics to Twitter.


How do I tweet photos using the Android app?

  1. Connect to Twitter using the instructions here: How do I setup my account for Twitter Photo Sharing?
  2. Download the MPP app
  3. Open the app and log in to your MPP account.
  4. You can either take a photo using the app OR select from an existing photo in your gallery.
  5. After you have taken a photo or selected one from the gallery you can enter the message you want to appear on Twitter.
  6. Select the “upload” button and your picture and associated message will automatically appear in your profile and Twitter.

How do I tweet photos from my admin page?

1. You first need to setup the service, see the “How do I setup my account for Twitter Photo Sharing?” FAQ if you haven’t setup your service already. If you have move onto the next step
2. Login to your admin page.
3. Click the “Manage your gallery” link.

4. Click the “upload” link

5. Attach your photo(s)
6. Check the “Tweet?” box next to each photo you want to be tweeted
7. Enter your message in the Tweet Message box (per photo)
8. Click the “Upload” button and all the pics you checked to be tweeted will appear on your profile page and Twitter



How do I tweet photos via email?

  1. Create an email and attach your picture (only 1 picture allowed per email)in the email.
  2. In the To: field in the email, send the email to your unique MPP email address. You can find your email address in your admin page (ie. fx23fact@mypornprofile.com).
  3. Add text to the email in the subject line. Whatever you put in the subject line of the email will be displayed on your Twitter post. You don’t need to add anything in the body of the email you can leave it blank
  4. Send the email. The email will automatically post to your MPP photo gallery and Twitter. Magic!

You can send an email from any device that has email capabilities (cell phone, laptop, computer, tablet, etc.).

How many pictures can I upload to my profile?

You can add as many pictures as you want. When you initially created your account you could only upload 8. After you sign-in again you can add as many as you want.

How much is a token worth?

A token is worth $0.20.

I signed-up for an account and haven’t heard back

If you haven’t heard back from us, 99% of the time it means our email went to your spam folder. Please ensure that you allow your mail system to receive emails from mypornprofile@gmail.com.

How do I edit a Saved/Activated video?

In your admin page, click the Manage Your Videos link and click the EDIT button for the video which you want to edit.

I want to upload videos, but do not see the link in my admin page?

Uploading videos is limited to MODEL profiles. If you have a MODEL profile and still do not see the link it is because you haven’t uploaded your 2257 documentation.

I’m trying to delete a video, but can’t?

If your video has been purchased at least once, you are not able to delete it.

What are the payouts?

Payouts are based on the type of purchase made on the site:

Type – percentage split

Subscription – 70/30 (you/us)

Tipped photos – 50/50 (you/us)

Picsets and videos – 60/40 (you/us)

Pay-To-Tweet – 100 (you)

What types of pictures can I upload?

Anything goes, don’t worry. You can upload everything from softcore to hardcore.

What’s the difference between Saving and Activating a video?

If you Save a video, it will not appear to the public until you Activate it.

If I have a Streamate account do I need to sign-up for the MPP cam site?

No, if you already have a Streamate account you will automatically appear on mypornprofilecams.com.

How do I make my pics appear in my Twitter timeline?

To make pics posted through our site appear on your Twitter timeline there are three steps you need to complete.

Step 1

Ensure that your MPP account is connected to Twitter. To do this all you need to do is login to your MPP admin page, scroll down to the “Twitter” section and click the sign into Twitter button. Once you have successfully connected your account to Twitter the sign into Twitter button will be replaced with your Twitter screen name.

Step 2 

After completing Step 1 and saving your profile you will see two check boxes in the Twitter section of your MPP admin page. Ensure that both boxes are checked, especially the second one that says “Embed pictures directly in tweets”.



Step 3

After completing Steps 1 and 2 you are ready for the final step. You will need to login to your Twitter account and select the “settings” button (located at the top right side of the screen on the cog wheel drop down). You will see a section on the Settings page called “Tweet Media”. Make sure both boxes are checked, especially the second one that says “Mark my media as containing sensitive content”. Not only does this ensure pics from our site are posted on your timeline, but it also ensures that anyone under 18 is not looking at your NSFW pics.



That’s all there is to it. In just a few easy steps you’re all set to have pics posted through us appear directly on your Twitter timeline. If at any time you want to stop showing pics posted through us on your Twitter timeline all you have to do is uncheck the box in Step 2.

How do I offer subscription services?

Approved MODELS and STUDIO accounts have the ability to offer subscription services. To start offering subscription services complete the following steps

With the subscription service you will be able to sell individual content AND subscriptions. Fans who purchase a subscription will be able to see all your content. Subscriptions is an optional service that you can choose to activate or not. If you don’t choose to activate subscriptions you can still sell individual content.

We make updating your profile page with content easy
One of the toughest parts about having your own site is keeping your content up-to-date. With our iPhone and Android app updating your content is a breeze. You can create and upload videos anytime/anywhere. This is on top of the traditional way of uploading pictures and videos via the website. One is a great compliment to the other.

Why choose MPP over other sites?
We know there are a million options out there (personal website, clip sites, web cam sites, Snapchat, etc.). We like to think of ourselves as a compliment to any existing medium you use to sell content or even a stand alone website if you want. Chances are other sites don’t have approved apps on the App Store or Google Play, and chances are other mediums you use are based on sites/apps that technically don’t allow adult content. With MPP you can be assured that you won’t run into issues with nudity. Our site and tools are built in-house/custom. You can post away without fear of being shut down.

How much will I make?
You’ll make 70% on all subscriptions regardless of what option the end user selects.

How do I get started?
Only 2257 approved members can offer subscription services. If you’re already a 2257 approved member, login to your admin page and click the pink “offer subscriptions” button at the top of your admin page. We will review your request and approve you within 72 hours.

If you’re not a 2257 approved member yet you can get approved by uploading your 2257 documentation

Four easy steps to getting 2257 verified (click thumbnail for larger image)

Step 1

Step 1


Step 2

Step 2


Step 3



Step 3


Step 4


Step 4

Referral Program

Our referral program pays you in two different ways. You get paid $10 every time a new MODEL or WEBSITE creates an account and chooses to sell content. In addition you make 10% on individual picsets and videos sold for that user, for life. To take advantage of the service you must be 2257 approved (meaning you’ve been approved to sell content).

Here are a few additional FAQ about the program:

How does a new user select me as a referral?

When a new user creates an account there is now a “referral” drop down in Step 1 of 3 of the sign-up process. The user must select your name during this process. We will not be able to retro-fit referrals after the user has signed-up.

I referred a user, but haven’t been paid yet?

The user you referred must sign-up and be approved to sell content (2257). You will not be paid the $10 just for someone selecting your name as a referral during the sign-up process.

Where can I see credit I earned for referral sign-ups and picsets/videos purchases?

You will be able to see this information on your “earned tokens” page within your admin page.

Do I have to opt-in to use the referral process?

No opting in necessary. All 2257 approved users are automatically part of the program. If you are 2257 you should see your name on the drop-down list during Step 1 of the create account process.

How do I find my unique referral link?

Your referral link can be found in your admin page. Login to your profile, click the “edit profile” button on the top right corner of the page and you will be brought to your admin page. At the top of your admin page you’ll find your referral link. It looks like this:


What is the minimum payout?

Minimum payout is currently $20.

How often are payouts made?

Payouts are made the first week for the previous months earnings (once a month).

Prohibited Content

Posting any of the prohibited content (photos and videos) may result in your account being closed.

  • All individuals must be at least 18 years of ago in any video or picset sold on the site.
  • No Blood
  • No Scat (feces)
  • No Peeing (urine)
  • No Vomit  or throw-up
  • No Horror/Snuff – depiction of someone being maimed or killed
  • No Necrophilia
  • No Asphyxiation
  • No Beastiality
  • No Crushing of animals
  • No rape or forced sex
  • No Non-consensual Sex
  • No Drugs

What are my payout options?

We payout via check or Payoneer. For non US residents we suggest using Payoneer. To update your payout information login to your admin page.

How do I become a verified model?

There are two options when becoming a verified model. You can either be model verified or 2257 verified. Become “model verified” allows you to upload pictures and free videos via the app. Becoming a “2257 verified” model allows you to upload and sell videos and picture sets.

Become Model Verified

Once you’ve created an account login to your admin page and follow the steps below. To navigate to your admin page login and click “edit profile” on the top right corner of the page.

Step 1: Click “Get verified”



Step 2: Upload photo


Become 2257 Verified

Once you’ve created an account login to your admin page and follow the steps below. To navigate to your admin page login and click “edit profile” on the top right corner of the page.

Step 1: Click “I’m a model”

Step 2


Step 2: Click “Get approved”

Step 3


Step 3: Complete the two online forms and upload the two required photos

Step 4