FAQ / How do I create a wishlist from the store? (MODELS only)

  1. Register: Click here and choose a User Name, Password and Email Address.
  2. Once you have finished registering you can Upload a Photo, add a Welcome Message, and add Products to your Wishlist. You will also want to make sure you fill out your contact info for shipping purposes and any future verification that may be needed (ie. lost password).
  3. The link to your wishlist will be: http://toys.mypornprofile.com/wishlist.php?a=mypornprofile&wlid=performer_username (where performer_username is your unique User Name)
  4. Once registered, you can log in to your wishlists at any time to update it here: http://toys.mypornprofile.com/wl_login.php?a=mypornprofile
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