FAQ / How do I make my pics appear in my Twitter timeline?

To make pics posted through our site appear on your Twitter timeline there are three steps you need to complete.

Step 1

Ensure that your MPP account is connected to Twitter. To do this all you need to do is login to your MPP admin page, scroll down to the “Twitter” section and click the sign into Twitter button. Once you have successfully connected your account to Twitter the sign into Twitter button will be replaced with your Twitter screen name.

Step 2 

After completing Step 1 and saving your profile you will see two check boxes in the Twitter section of your MPP admin page. Ensure that both boxes are checked, especially the second one that says “Embed pictures directly in tweets”.



Step 3

After completing Steps 1 and 2 you are ready for the final step. You will need to login to your Twitter account and select the “settings” button (located at the top right side of the screen on the cog wheel drop down). You will see a section on the Settings page called “Tweet Media”. Make sure both boxes are checked, especially the second one that says “Mark my media as containing sensitive content”. Not only does this ensure pics from our site are posted on your timeline, but it also ensures that anyone under 18 is not looking at your NSFW pics.



That’s all there is to it. In just a few easy steps you’re all set to have pics posted through us appear directly on your Twitter timeline. If at any time you want to stop showing pics posted through us on your Twitter timeline all you have to do is uncheck the box in Step 2.

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