10 Nov 16

Make Money From Your Phone – Pay-to-Tweet


Update #6 (November 28) – PAYOUT INCREASE
The payout per video posted is now $2.00. If at least 10 videos are uploaded today we’ll increase the payout again starting tomorrow.

Update #5 (November 25) – EXTENDED…AGAIN!!
We’ve done it again, we’re extending the Pay-to-Tweet promo an additional week! We’ve extended the promo through December 5th. Find out the details about the promo below.

Update #4 (November 21) – EXTENDED!!!!
That’s right, we’re extending the promo another week, through November 28th! Whether you’ve been posting videos this past week or haven’t started, the promo is being extended for everyone. Don’t miss out on this (continued) opportunity.

Update #3 (November 16)
It’s hump day and we’re feeling good! Today’s Day 3 of the promo and we’ve increased the video payout to $1.50. If 10 people post a video today the payout will increase again tomorrow.


Update #2 (November 15)
Unfortunately we didn’t hit the minimum uploads yesterday to increase the daily payout. There’s good news though, we’re lowering the total upload threshold to 10 videos. If 10 videos get post via our app today (from 10 different people) we will increase the daily payout starting tomorrow. Since it’s #tittytuesday we’ll even add an additional payout if 5 of those videos are tagged with #tittytuesday in the title.


Update #1 (November 12)
The promotion hasn’t started yet and we’re already going to make an announcement. If 20 people post a video on Day 1 of the promotion we will increase the payout starting on Day 2!  Keep checking back here daily to see what other goodies we have in store.


No matter how you voted this election cycle it’s time to bring Americans and the rest of the world together. What better way to do that than another round of Pay-to-Tweet! That’s right, the world famous promo that pays you for simply using our iPhone or Android app to record, upload and sell your mobile phone videos. In the past we’ve had limitation on who can participate (based on Twitter follower count) and various payout levels. This round we’re flattening everything and paying $1 for every video uploaded. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 Twitter followers or 1 Million. You get paid a $1 for simply uploading a video PLUS you make 60% on all sales of your videos. The promo will start on Monday, November 14th at 7AM EST and will end Sunday the 20the at 7PM EST. Below you find information about what a qualified video is:

1. Recommended the video is recorded via our app (not a must)
2. Video must be uploaded via the app
3. Video must be “for sale” (not free)
– To sell videos you must be 2257 approved. If you’re not here’s how to become 2257 Verified
4. Video must be at least 1 minute long
5. Video must show nudity
6. Only one paid video per day

Make sure to stay tuned throughout the promo for updates (we’ve been known to increase payouts randomly throughout the promo)

FAQ (questions we get each promo)

Q: You’re only paying me $1 for my video and you keep the sales?
A: No. We pay you $1 for each qualified video you upload per day PLUS you make 60% on all sales.

Q: Where can I find the the app on the app store?
A: iPhone app – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mpp/id447997532?mt=8
Android app – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mpp2

Still not sure how the app works? Check out our new explainer video https://youtu.be/KuoWAcIihI4