26 Mar 13

New sign-up flow coming soon

When I first created mypornprofile.com (MPP) the idea was to only have “real” verified models as the focal point of the site. The only way to do this was by having users photo verify themselves up-front before creating a profile. I didn’t want MPP to be another site with a million Sophie Dee profiles, for example. However, over the past year and a half I noticed many people signing up as models who weren’t really models. Not because they thought they were models, but because of the complex and confusing way we have sign-up setup. When you first hit our sign-up page there are three tabs asking you to decide which path you want to take. Even though we try to clarify up-front what the definition of each path is, we still get many people signing-up under the wrong category. In addition we turn off a lot of would-be models because of the need to present a verification photo upfront. So it got me thinking, how can we make the process easier and faster for everyone.

After much consideration our solution is to let everyone in the front door first and then verify on the back end. Currently we do the opposite, verify in the front before letting anyone in. By providing a fast and easy way to create a profile we allow everyone to partake in the site and then give the option for models and websites to verify themselves. We’re really excited about the new sign-up and are hoping it knocks down the current barriers of entry.

I’ve provided a few screenshots of what the new sign-up process will look like. The current sign-up page will be replaced by modals that will walk new sign-ups through a quick and easy process. You will be able to sign-up and start using the site literally within minutes! The plan is to kick-off development this week. I don’t anticipate development taking more than a week or two. I’ll be sure to let everyone know once the new sign-up/verification process is in place.


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