19 May 10

QuitFacebookDay – May 31st

There’s a growing movement on the web against Facebook and their privacy policies. If you’re a Facebook users you’ll know over the past year a lot of changes have been made on Facebook regarding privacy settings and data usage. These changes have upset a lot of people. Those in the camp of “open and free” aren’t happy about the changes. The bottom line is Facebook ownes everything on your profile, your pictures, your statements, your videos, etc. It clearly states this in their terms and conditions which most of us just checked quickly so we could finish the registration process. This has a lot of people pissed off.

There is a new site QuitFacebookDay that has started a “quite Facebook” campaign and they’ve stated the date of May 31, 2010. You can provide the site with your email address and they will send you an email on May 31st reminding you to delete your account. So far there are 5,885 people who have committed to deleting their account. It will be interesteting to see how many of these people actually cancel their account. My guess is only a small percentage will actually go through with it.

There is an article that outlines everything that is wrong with Facebook “Top Ten Reasons You Should Quite Facebook“. Take a read, it’s definitely interesting. Whether you’re in the camp of liking or hating Facebook it’s interesting to know that there is a campaign going on to get people to cancel their accounts.

I personally don’t have a big problem with Facebook. The only problem I have is when they delete users accounts for having sexually explicit pictures. I’ve said it before, Facebook should send either delete the pictures or give a warning to the user that they have X amount of days to delete the pictures. Most people spend a lot of time building up their Facebook profiles and to have it all taken away in a flash without an explanation is just BULLSHIT!


  • KimberlyMarie Blake-Harris

    I’ve had 3 FB accounts DELETED in the past 2 years! I wasn’t posting pics with genitalia visible, just booty and breast shots. And it was people on my friends list that reported me. I don’t accept everyone as a friend. If a profile has no info at all, I automatically reject the friend request. If a man’s main profile or cover pic has kids present, I automatically reject the friend request. I created a separate Fan page and save my actual FB profile for industry friends and acquaintances.